Outsource your bookkeeping and accounting services to us, and concentrate on making your business a success and do everything according to law. Zey & Co Bookkeeper provides a service of keeping accurate accounting records for individuals and small to medium businesses.

Sales Ledger Control


Sales invoices and Z reports transferred into taking records.

Expense Ledger Control

Utilities and Expense invoices organized and payment allocated, or if not yet been paid, followed up

Purchase Ledger Control


Suppliers invoices organized and payment allocated, or if not yet been paid, followed up




Preparing the invoices for VAT Returns and advise the owner with the potential VAT liability and to arrange finances if necessary

File VAT returns and Year end accounts on behalf of the businesses as an agent



Payroll follow-up: Employees starters, leavers organized and passed to the accountant



Stock Controlling and count, Private Reports, Cost of good sold, Checking of Creditor and Debtor Control Accounts, Bank Current Account Reconciliation, Other Related Work,international double taxation agreements, Turkey and UK trading operations, analysis and Reporting e.t.c.

Vintage Pusula


We focus on keeping accurate accounting records for your business. Our service includes collecting your original documentation, capturing the information on accounting software and ensuring relevant information and documentation is ready for you as and when you require. We also do company registrations and various other necessary registrations.

Cash Management


Setting of company cashflow forecast, updating, monitoring and analyzing

- Analyzing sales, cost of sales and overheads

- Setting up Cashflow excel spreadsheet

- Setting up formula links, charts and variances

- Tracking net cash in and out variances

- Monthly benchmarking against forecast figures

- Reporting and improvement implementation